Commercial Laundry Management System

The Laundry Management Solution For Every Laundry Business.

Now Get Complete Access to your Commercial Laundry business via web based ERP software and mobile app.

Every Day millions of commercial businesses like Hospitals, Hotels, Travels completely reply on hygienic service like laundry. 

So we thought it is very important to give this laundry business process a digital presence.

We took a step forward to automate this laundry business process to make things more productive. 

This laundry management software is designed after examining the current business trends.

  • It comes with many useful modules designed to fit any laundry business.
  • It is a scalable solution for single and multi-plant organizations.
  • Our Laundry software has a very handy functionality, which shortens our day to day order management process.
  • Our Commercial Laundry management system is very user friendly, which makes laundry employees, easily interact with our laundry management software.
  • Thousands of routes are automatically planned using our Laundry Management system.
  • Number of textiles, garments can be easily sorted, tagged, invoiced and dispatched with a few simple clicks.
  • It has an easy tagging solution, which is suitable with all types of cloth and materials.
  • It makes your order handling process quick, which saves lot of your time.
  • Opting our Laundry management system will streamline your workflows, remove unnecessary paper trails and increase business efficiency.
  • Customer information management.
  • Dedicated Technical Support and Help desk is provided.


  1. Clothes Management with Pieces Names
  2. Services Management
  3. Customers Management
  4. Employees Management with Roles
  5. Prices Management
  6. Expense Management
  7. Print & Export Reports to Pdf, Html, Excel
  8. Secure employee access
  9. Secure data storage
  10. Customize all settings (Printing, hardware, Patterns, Fabrics, Colors etc)
  11. Print Invoice, Receipt, Tags (Text & Barcode)
  12. Print Business Reports
  13. Transaction History.
  14. Custom Pricing Control
  15. Custom Discount Rate
  16. Drop & Pick Clothes
  17. End to End Tracking
  18. SMS & Email Capability
  19. SMS & Email Templates
  20. Daily, Weekly, Monthly Reports
  21. Find/Sort/View/Filter functions.
  22. Backup and Restore data, etc.



  • By Customer Type
  • By Date

 Outstanding Report

  • By Customer
  • By Month

Payment Report

  • By Customer
  • By Month

Get Full laundry management system software both retail and commercial laundry business.