Retail Laundry Management Software

  • Bizhype’s Retail Laundry Software is best suitable and the most comprehensive, end to end solution for the On Demand Laundry Business.
  • We update our software products at regular intervals.We Strive hard to keep up with the latest market trends and the uprising technology.
  • This Retail Laundry Software is already assisting Dry Cleaners and laundry Businesses in more than 2 cities across the globe.
Laundry Management Software

Modules For On Demand Laundry Business

  • Our Retail Laundry Software Modules are very handy , Comprehensive and intuitive.
  • This is an entirely automated Laundry Software suitable for retail, commercial and dry cleaning business.
  • From creating a new customer to Tagging ,Billing, invoice,Payments every single detail is captured securely in the software.

New Customer Offline Order Booking

Now you can quickly generate your new customer order by just entering their name,phone number,address and clothes data.

Old Customer Offline Order Booking

We are considering phone number as the primary identification for every registered customers. When ever you enter Existing customer phone number his/her data will be auto filled.

Customer Order History

You can view a particular customers order history any time and even download invoice.

Manage Customers

  • You can manage your existing customers data like name,phone number,address details.
  • You can even activate as well as deactivate accounts.

Manage Cloth Categories

You can add cloth categories like Men,Women,Household etc.

Manage Cloth Names And Pricing

You can add clothes and there prices kg wise or piece wise

Manage Packages

You can create different washing packages like Basic , Premium , Express , Dry Cleaning etc. and assign different price charts for it.

Online Order Booking

Online Order can be booked by customers through website or mobile app ( Android App )

Order Tracking

Orders can be tracked by customer to know its current status.

SMS Notifications

An sms notification is send to the customer on every new order and before delivery.


Get Access to Daily , Monthly Reports

Profit and Loss

Get Monthly Detailed Profit and Loss Report

Retail laundry software – Demo

To get complete demo for our retail laundry management software.
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